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Six Best Photo Editing Apps You Should Know

People must have been familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Adobe has some of the best photo editors in its portfolio. However, other photo editing apps come with powerful tools that can produce incredible results and help photographers obtain advanced and competent work. This guide has summarized a list of the best photo editing apps based on usability and price, which is listed below. These programs can help photographers and businesses give their photo sites a unique makeover. Also, you could visit tweakyourbiz.com to discover other excellent tools.

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Affinity Photo 1.8

Affinity Photo 1.8 is very similar to Photoshop in terms of features, but it is less expensive than Photoshop. It is a powerful photo editing program that lacks some cataloging tools. It also has an automatic object removal tool and a sharpness tracking tool. Therefore, you could have another workspace for working with localized image sharpening effects. It would be best to install this app to figure out the benefits.

PhaseOne Capture One Pro 20

This photo editing program is expensive than other apps. It comes with some powerful qualities to support raw image editing along with layer-based edits. It has excellent anchoring tools, along with an image cataloging quality. It has customizable application tabs and allows users to do all their editing in one window. With its layer-based adjustment system, you can edit the changes you use in your work. You can edit both linear and radial gradient masks. The edited versions appear smoother in contrast to the results created with Lightroom’s tools. Thus, this version is known for its HDR software and improved color editing option.

DxO Photolab

DxO PhotoLab is the upgraded version of DxO Optics Pro and includes advanced photo editing features. The new PhotoLab window allows you to browse image folders, install tasks and perform basic filtering tasks. Together with PhotoLab, it is possible to create first-rate image variations. However, you need to invest in the expensive Elite version to use PRIME denoising and ClearView Plus. Second, you need the DxO ViewPoint plugin to be able to perform view corrections.

Luminar 4

Luminar 4 includes numerous tools and filters, as well as custom workspaces. It is a new program in the image editing field, but it could promote image editing and business. However, not many people have been familiar with this photo editing app. If you plan to try this tool, you might need to find some tutorials first. Therefore, you could finish your project sooner.

Exposure X5 Software

Exposure X5 is a comprehensive image editing program that promotes fast and non-destructive editing. However, you cannot combine images because the program does not offer image layers. It has an excellent user interface, functioned tools, and outstanding results. It means that this tool could be the best option for beginners. Therefore, they won’t feel overwhelmed when using the app.

ON1 Photo Raw 2020

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 includes some advantages and allows non-destructive editing. Version 2020 of the photo editing software brings various improvements, such as sports and AI auto-editing options, new presets, and new weather filters. The program’s mobile app is now available. ON1 Photo RAW 2020 features a combined cataloging and browsing module that allows users to navigate the image folders. However, the upcoming ON1 360 cloud service will be subscription-based, which might not appeal to many people.